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        • Create Your Personalised Parfume Your Way

          Choose from 3 ways to create your own scent based on your personality, favorite perfumes or ingredients.


          Take our personality quiz and discover your scent personality


          Let us help you find the closest match to your favourite perfume


          Create your unique perfume based on your favorite ingredients

        • Create Your Own:

          Choose three ingredients/notes you like and create your own unique fragrance. Receive a free 2ml fragrance or a tealight to sample your scent.

        • Create with Perfumer:

          Use the expertise of our perfumers to create a scent best matched to your personality, preferences and your favourite fragrances.

        • Free Samples:

          Select any fragrance from our full collection to sample in the comfort of your home.

        • E-Vouchers:

          Surprise someone with a voucher that they can spend any way they like across our shop.

        • Gift Bundles:

          Choose the perfect bundle for the right occasion from our 3 options.

        • Create Bundle:

          Not found quite what you're looking for? Put your creative cap on and make a bundle for that special someone.

        • Set a recognisable scent for your business

          Create a fragrance from our existing collections or a tailored fragrance made specially to represent your business.

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Inside The Brand

About Us & Business Goal

Created in 2020 by Frank Kennedy and Dionne Palmer, motived by the desire of making niche fragrances more accessible and giving people the opportunity to create their very own signature aroma. The concept of MSA extends pass the limits of the fragrance industry standards. Barriers are broken, allowing fragrance lovers with no experience to be introduced to the art of perfumery. Anyone who loves to wear perfume can now participate in creating a truly personalized fragrance through our website, at home with our very own discovery kit set or even through the MSA workshop with one of our experienced in-house perfumers.

MSA ticks all the boxes with personalisation, freedom of expression, handcraft, a high – tech approach and transparent, clean perfumery through its online – offline business model.

Our goal is to assist you in every step of your fragrance-making process which will reflect your personality. My Signature Aroma offers an experience of self-discovery and individualism in creating a unique signature aroma for yourself.

Let Your Scent Speak For You

My Signature Aroma believes in making fragrances accessible to all scent lovers, combining our knowledge in perfumery we can help you discover a unique fragrance as well as help you tap into your creative side to compose a scent personal to you, which can be created in the form of a perfume spray, scented candle, home diffuser and even in a room spray.

Why settle for common high street designer scents when now all it takes is for you take our special AI powered personality quiz to discover your fragrance traits where we can guide you in choosing your next signature aroma from one of our expericened perfumers.

All our fragrances contain 20 – 25% of concentrate which is the highest in the market

Your Aroma Is Your Aura


My Signature Aroma understands how important the art of personalization is in today’s world and this is the foundation of our vision. We can enhance any of your favourite fragrances within our collection by highlighting one of the existing olfactory facets or by giving a new creative twist to the existing creation. 

Each of the fragrances from our Niche, Fusion and Private collection can be blended, merged, transformed using the highest quality ingredients, sourced all over the world to make a unique aroma never smelt before on the market.

Embrace What Makes You Unique

Some people try to blend in with the majority but the reality is everyone is unique in their own way…. You are an individual with your own style, beliefs, creativity, passions, personality, perception, genetics, intuition etc.

Some people stand out as different, and use their unique persona to create and experience the life they want. 

If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, we at My Signature Aroma allow you to accept who you are without needing to fit into a label of who you should be through our amazing fragrances.