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Fusion I (Belongs To The Olfactory Notes Family Similar To Aventus® + Baccarat Rouge 540®) Reed Diffuser


Inspired by customers favourite high-end fragrances that are currently available within the fragrance market.


  • Top Notes: Apple, Pineapple, Patchouli
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Vanilla, Orange
  • Base Notes: Saffron, Ambergris, Musk

Masterfully blending together “Courage I & Majestic VIII”we have come up with our unique blend of “Majestic VIII” sweetness and the tart smokiness of “Courage I”. No longer do you have to layer together “Courage I & Majestic VIII” buy from us pre blended and pre layered together


Additional information


The diffuser must be positioned in the centre of the room so, when people pass by, the air moves and the fragrance circulates. For larger rooms it is advisable to have two positioned on the opposite ends of the room you wish to fragrance.
Do not place the diffuser on polished, varnished or painted surfaces, on electrical equipment, near / over sources of heat.

For a good diffusion of the fragrance we recommend:
for rooms from 5 to 10 square meters* 1 or 2 250 ml bottles
for rooms from 10 to 20 square meters* 1 or 2 500 ml bottles
for rooms from 20 to 30 square meters* 1 or 2 1000 ml bottles


Base (Ø) x height (cm):
250 ml (8,4 fl oz): 7,4 x 15,2
500 ml (17 fl oz): 9,1 x 19
1000 ml (32 fl oz): 12 x 24

Sticks nr.

250 ml (8,4 fl oz): 10
500 ml (17 fl oz): 12
1000 ml (32 fl oz): 17

Height with sticks

100 ml (3,4 fl oz): 17 cm
250 ml (8,4 fl oz): 34 cm
500 ml (17 fl oz): 40 cm
1000 ml (32 fl oz): 54 cm


100 ml (3,4 fl oz): 320 gr
250 ml (8,4 fl oz): 580 gr
500 ml (17 fl oz): 1,02 kg
1000 ml (32 fl oz): 2,10 kg


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