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A Bit About Us

My Signature Aroma is an established and trusted UK Fragrance House. We innovate, develop and manufacture high quality fragrance compounds. Our passion for fragrance is apparent in everything we do, from applying creativity and technical expertise to delivering bespoke fragrances with exceptional service.

We believe in making fragrances accessible to all scent lovers, combining our knowledge in perfumery we can help you discover a unique scent as well as help you tap into your creative side to compose a scent personal to you in which can be created in the form of a perfume spray, scented candle, home diffuser or even in a room spray.

Our creative perfumers can create any fragrance for any product, the category list is endless.

Our talented evaluators and creative perfumers constantly identify new and exciting trends and raw materials which are transformed into delivering signature aroma’s made for all fragrance lovers.

My Signature Aroma heritage is just one of many features that makes our brand the unique fragrance innovator we are today. Our foundation was built on innovation, energy and vision which remains to be the very core of our brand.

We provide unique services tailored to meet a customer requirements starting from concept design to completion that technically fits your product specifications.

Our analytical expertise consists of using state of the art technology, including gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy, headspace analysis and extraction with thermal desorption.

Our proactive approach results in continuously evaluating the global market place and cultural influences. This proven approach makes sure we are at the forefront when it comes to fragrance trends. Our portfolio represents both our passion and ability when it comes to working with the most complex fragrances.

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Our expert scent designers are here to give you a helping hand creating your signature aroma. Suggesting the ideal ingredients that blend together to create your fragrance. They will take into account your personality, preferences and your favourite fragrances to produce your perfect signature aroma.

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