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        • Create Your Own:

          Choose three ingredients/notes you like and create your own unique fragrance. Receive a free 2ml fragrance or a tealight to sample your scent.

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          Use the expertise of our perfumers to create a scent best matched to your personality, preferences and your favourite fragrances.

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About Us

My Signature Aroma only works with the rarest, most valuable ingredients used by the expertise of its very own in-house perfumers. My Signature Aroma offers olfactory combinations enhancing the original scent of your favourite fragrances. The raw materials have been chosen for their olfactory identity, their premium quality and their ability to marry in perfect harmony with the original creations. Made solely on demand, the My Signature Aroma fragrances allow you to enjoy a scent that matches and reveals your true personality.

We at My Signature Aroma are merchant adventurers searching the globe to bring the most fun and well-made fragrances to curious noses attention.

We work on the basis of individual perfume fitting consultations. A customer’s search for his or her ideal formula starts with conversation: “what would you like”?; “what have you worn in the past?”; ” how complex, diffusive, neutral and functional or crazy and head-turning do you want your perfume to be?”. We sort our collection according to the fragrant families: floral, woody, fruity, green, citrus, marine, herbaceous, edible, spicy and leather. There is also a “Compliment Each Other” section. We have many beautiful perfumes made with the most beautiful materials reason for their names given to them.

We constantly add new, interesting and worthy creative fragrances to our carefully curated selection. Ultimately, we are your fragrance finder with bespoke services, samples and individual consultations available to any customer.

The scale of production in the niche world is modest enough to enable perfumers to use scarce exquisite natural materials. Smaller-scale also means there is more creative freedom, experiments and genuine originality from us at My Signature Aroma.